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Mr. Quintana, has over 45 years of legal experience in Federal, State and Tribal courts. Have a complex difficult case? Contact us and we will figure out a solution. Preparation is the key to successful litigation. We will investigate your case and give you advice based upon reliable facts. You need to know what you are facing at trial. Careful research and investigation is the key to success in law, business and life. We play by the rules and successfully fight attorneys who are not honest with the Court. We believe in the legal system and work hard to make ti work for our clients. We will represent you and protect your interests. We believe that in the end, the truth will prevail. We can get the right result by playing by the rules. We do not believe that it is acceptable for attorneys, politicians or anyone to lie as a means to cover up their misdeeds. We will aggressively represent you within the boundaries of the law. .

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Take advantage of Danny Quintana's 500+ Completed Litigations. Whether you are looking to clean up your record, fight a criminal charge or need help with a civil litigation, Mr. Quintana is here to assist.